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Riya Simla
Jun 19, 2022
In "The Christian's Forum"
I want to talk to you about a concept that is Company Email List new and that I think will define a large part of the economy of the future , it is the so-called pay-per-consumption economy, but with the particularity that in this case the payment currency could be cryptocurrencies . What is the pay-per-use economy and how could it be applied in the media and for content creators on the Internet? One of the big problems that many content and media creators face on the Internet is how to monetize their work. There are different options among them, for example, media that Company Email List a monthly fee to access their content, although the reality is that this type of format did not quite fit. But what if we adapt this idea by uniting it with the concept of micropayments and only pay for what you consume in a real way? What I mean is that, imagine what on Netflix instead of paying a monthly fee, what you pay is a small amount depending on what you watch, that is, if you watched a 45-minute series you would pay less than if you watched a 2 hour series. as a business modelIt makes sense to pay only for what we consume instead of what we are used to in almost all sectors, of having to pay monthly or annual subscriptions to certain products and services whether company email list use them or not. Well, some American entrepreneurs have launched a platform called , which what it does is pay content creators based on their consumption, that is, the user would pay in this case through the XRP Company Email List of Ripple , although it could be any other cryptocurrency or currency currently used, and it will depend on the amount of content you consume and that money would be received by the creator of that content. At the moment they are in a very initial phase and Company Email List already have integrations, albeit limited, with platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. The truth is that I love the business idea and the model and I think it can be a great solution for small, medium and large content creators, such as the main media, to avoid having to fill online newspapers, for example. of intrusive advertising to be able to monetize its contents, and that also leads to a bad Company Email List experience. Surely in the last month we have all received an invitation to access content for free that a company decides to offer you and that is also interesting and useful. I would even dare to say more than one.
This Type Of Visual Company Email List Content Usually content media
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Riya Simla

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