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Prayer is the key to all we do at Saint John AF Church Inc.. We offer a number of different services to ensure you can always worship with the community. Our schedule includes daily prayer, mass, Bible study, and more. Learn more and plan your visit.

Pastor Preaching
Girl Praying

Our Pastoral Teaching Sessions

Biblical learning is fundamental for our spiritual development. Its applications provide us with the necessary tools to develop and succeed during life's challenging times; both personal and collective. We learn what is expected and how to victoriously navigate the issues of life presented.

Our Sunday Services

We excitingly gather with expectancy in songs & praise, worshipping the Lord of Our Salvation - Embracing the delivered Word of God; which is nourishment fo our souls, a well as strength to our physical bodies. Greeting each other with love and compassion - demonstrating the Love of God which surpasses the stresses of life. 

Our Midweek Prayer Calls

Utilizing the technology available we break the barriers of geography - gathering in prayer via conference calls, virtual ZOOM venues for Prayer and Supplications before God - believing in the principle that, "If you're a part of the body of Christ 'anywhere''re connected to His body 'everywhere'! 

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